Join us as a member

Join us as a member

Extended deadline, September 10th 2019

Extended deadline, September 10th 2019

Contribution types

Choose the way you want to contribute to UMI3D.


  • Share results and lessons you have learned using UMI3D to the working groups.
  • Develop use cases, business solutions and services based on UMI3D.
  • Use UMI3D for your academic projects.

Working Groups

  • Contribute to the definition of UMI3D specifications or Open Source implementations through at least one working group
    (i.e. research subject).
  • Take part to your working groups meetings.

Steering Committee

  • Each organization wishing to participate actively in the working groups can have a seat on the steering committee.
  • Take part in the definition of the roadmap.
  • Participate in strategic decisions.

Main conditions

  • Any organization can contribute to UMI3D.
  • 2019 membership is free for first members.
  • Membership will stay free for nonprofit organizations.
  • Each member contributes from their own resources with the UMI3D Project.
  • Joining the consortium with a contract that offers flexibility (exit from the consortium is facilitated)